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Vlcsnap-2016-10-21-23h07m37s484 This page may contain spoilers. Please view at your own risk.
They're called miracles because they do happen, even when things seem hopeless.
— Yuichi Aizawa
Yuichi Aizawa



Kanji 相沢 祐一
Rōmaji Aizawa Yūichi
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Atsushi Kisaichi (2002 anime), Tomokazu Sugita (2006 anime/PSP game), Miwa Yasuda (child)
English language Chris Patton, Shannon Emerick (child)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 173 cm (5'8")[1]
Weight 64 kg[1]


Yuichi Aizawa (相沢 祐一 Aizawa Yūichi?) is the main protagonist of Kanon and a second-year high school student.


He is friendly and outgoing, and though he acts as nice as he can, he has yet to learn the sensitivity of women. He constantly teases the main cast of girls throughout the story which varies in severity depending on the girl. Despite this, he does have a soft side that likens him to an older brother as noted by Shiori Misaka.

He used to visit the city in which the story takes place, but his memories of that time are gone, slowly coming back to him as he interacts with the people he met in the past. As noted by himself, he is afraid of heights and not very fond of sweets. While not aware of it at first, Yuichi slowly begins to take notice of the supernatural events occurring within the city.

During these times of revelation when he will discover something outrageous, he stays strong with the girls he has made close friendships with. Since Yuichi is a normal person, he tries to help them in any way he can and will usually go out of his way in order to protect one or more of these girls.

Yuichi does not have a story behind his character. It was told that due to a family situation, it was decided that Yuichi would live in the Minase house from now on until he decided to move out and live on his own.


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