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It's called a miracle because it doesn't happen.
— Shiori
Shiori Misaka



Shiori misaka

Kanji 美坂 栞
Rōmaji Misaka Shiori
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Hiroko Konishi (Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 games), Akemi Satō (anime/PSP game),
English language Maggie Flecknoe
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday February 1[1]
Height 157 cm[1]
Weight 43 kg[1]
Three Sizes B79/W53/H80[1]
Blood Type AB[1]
Relatives Kaori Misaka (older sister)
Shiori's Mother (mother)

Shiori Misaka (美坂 栞 Misaka Shiori?) is a first-year high school student who has suffered from an illness since birth. Her affliction has caused her to become very physically weak, and is almost always absent from school because of it.

Her theme is Egao no Mukougawa ni (means "Another Side of a Smiling Face).


Shiori misaka

Shiori is a frail-looking young woman who has a light complexion and blue eyes. She has short, straight brown hair that comes down to her neck. She usually wears a woolen white jumper underneath a brown checkered jacket. She wears her school socks which are black and knee-high, as well as black school shoes.


Shiori loves drama and is always inventing reasons for things that happen in her life, but the real-life drama of a sister who denies her and a life threatened by illness is encroaching on her. While she was sick her sister ignored her, so she stayed out of her way.

Sick as she is, Shiori thinks nothing of sitting outside the school for hours on end while eating ice cream in the middle of winter, despite Yuichi telling her several times to go home and rest.

Due to her illness, it is not strange for her to carry around an array of different pills and drugs for her many ailments. She has a noticeably quiet voice. Shiori informs Yuichi early on that the reason she disobeys her doctors' advice and comes to school so frequently is that she wants to meet someone she knows.

One week Shiori went to school like a normal student and cooked a bento for Yuichi, while Sayuri was in the hospital, but it was a bit too much for him.

History Edit

For more details on Shiori's history, see History.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name (栞 - Shiori) literally means "to remove", "to discard" (the word can also be written as "删" (shān) in Chinese).
  • She is the only one main character who did not have any relationship with Yuichi Aizawa in the past.

Relationship Edit

For more details on Shiori's relationship, see Relationship.


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