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The same melody repeats itself as the song grows richer and more beautiful. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live seemingly constant lives while experiencing changes bit by bit?
— Sayuri Kurata
Sayuri Kurata




Kanji 倉田 佐祐理
Rōmaji Kurata Sayuri
Debut (Anime) Episode 05
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Tomoko Kawakami
English language Natalie Arneson
Flag of South Korea Mun Ja Choi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday May 5 (Taurus)[1]
Height 159 cm[1]
Weight 45 kg[1]
Three Sizes B84/W55/H82[1]
Blood Type A[1]
Relatives Kazuya Kurata (younger brother, deceased)
Sayuri's father (father)


Sayuri Kurata (倉田 佐祐理 Kurata Sayuri?) is the best friend of Mai Kawasumi. Even though Mai and Sayuri have different personalities, Sayuri enjoys being with Mai. The two became friends after an incident in which Mai chased a stray dog away from the school courtyard, though Sayuri later finds Mai feeding the dog, showing her gentler side.


Sayuri is a third year student of average height that attends Yuichi's High School. She has long brown hair that is straight and unbraided with a fringe that reaches down to her eyes. She keeps the sides of her hair down so that it reaches her chest. She keeps the back of her hair untied, save for a few strands which she ties up in a large, green checkered bow. Her eyes appear to have a hazel color to them that compliment her light complexion. Sayuri is usually seen wearing her red school uniform, although she can be seen wearing a gown at the school ball and a kimono at graduation.


Sayuri is a kind person who always wants to help out. She appears aloof at times, but means well. Everyday, she cooks a bento for Mai and later Yuichi when he starts having lunch with them at the top of a staircase they eat at to avoid their fellow classmates such as Kuze, who constantly harasses Mai in particular. Sayuri's personality is quite different than Mai's. She is always seen smiling and is easily recognized by her signature laugh. She seems to care deeply for Mai and tries her best to make her happy, such as buying her a surprise birthday present from a general store and occasionally going to the library with her.


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