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Kanji ピロ
Rōmaji Piro
Personal Info
Gender Female


Piro (ピロ Piro?) is a stray Siamese cat that Nayuki finds and, despite her allergies, adores. Later in the story, she becomes attached to Makoto who, after dropping her off of an overpass, brings her home, where she is adopted by the Minase Household.


Piro 2002

Piro as she appears in the 2002 anime.

Piro's full name is "Pirozhki", Russian for "Fried Pork Bun". Yuichi jokingly came up with this name when Makoto shot down the name "Nikuman" (肉まん Nikuman?, Pork Bun), as she didn't want her to be named after food. Yuichi then convinced Makoto that it was a made up word, earning her the name.

Piro disappears near the end of the Makoto arc, causing her to leave the house and search frantically for her - becoming sick in the process. Sadly, she fails to find her. When Makoto disappears, she is shown lying under a tree, where Piro comes and rubs her arm.

Shortly after that, she returns to the Minase house, where she is kept in requiem of Makoto.

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