Hill 2002

Monomi Hill overlooking the City of Snow

Monomi Hill (ものみの丘) is a location overlooking the City of Snow. It plays a key role in Makoto Sawatari's arc and is rumored to hold supernatural powers that have had an impact on the lives of people in the city, such as Mishio Amano and Yuichi Aizawa. It is here that Yuichi met Makoto in her fox form, whose name is derived from an older girl Yuichi had feelings for as a child. Due to Monomi Hill's mysterious power, Makoto is able to meet Yuichi again in human form. Aside from Makoto's arc, Monomi is also featured in Nayuki Minase and Ayu Tsukimiya's arcs. Given that the highly spiritual Mai Kawasumi is closely connected to the Hill, it is safe to assume that there is a mysterious force that draws the main characters back to this location. 


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