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Kanon 2006 Anime Episode 16
Midnight Oratorio
Kanji 真夜中の聖譚曲 〜oratorio〜
Rōmaji Mayonaka no Seitankyoku ~oratorio~
Release Date 18 January 2007
Production Staff
Screenplay Fumihiko Shimo
Storyboard Shinobu Yoshioka
Episode Director Shinobu Yoshioka
Episode Navigation
Previous Sonatina of Hide-and-Go-Seek
Next Lieder ohne Worte of an Elder Sister and a Younger Sister


Midnight Oratorio (真夜中の聖譚曲 〜oratorio〜, Mayonaka no Seitankyoku ~oratorio~?) is the sixteenth episode of the 2006 anime series Kanon.


Keeping his promise to Shiori, Yuichi offers to take her around town for the day to some of Shiori's favorite places. During the night, Shiori's older sister Kaori meets with Yuichi, explaining why she denies her sibling relationship, and the mystery behind Shiori's illness.





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