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For the real Makoto Sawatari, see Makoto Sawatari (real).

When spring would be nice if it would last forever.
— Makoto
Makoto Sawatari




Kanji 沢渡 真琴
Rōmaji Sawatari Makoto
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Mayumi Iizuka
English language Tiffany Terrell
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday January 6 (Capricorn)[1]
Height 159 cm (5' 3")[1]
Weight 46 kg (101 lbs)[1]
Three Sizes B81/W55/H79[1]
Blood Type Unknown[1]


Makoto Sawatari (沢渡 真琴 Sawatari Makoto?) is a mysterious young woman who only remembers that she has a grudge against Yuichi Aizawa related to events that occurred seven years prior to Yuichi's return.


Makoto is a young woman who has a light complexion and light blue eyes. Her most noticeable feature is her long, flowing orange hair. Makoto ties her hair in pigtails on the sides of her head with red ribbons. Each tail comes down to her waist. She also wears her fringe down to her eyes. Makoto usually wears a blue jacket over a yellow-beige shirt, as well as a short, black skirt. She wears long socks with a white-and-black pattern with black boots over them.


Makoto attacked Yuichi suddenly in the middle of town early on in the story, though so weakly he was able to stop her by simply extending his arm out. She is carried back to Yuichi and Nayuki Minase's house where she lives as a guest for the remainder of her story. Despite having lost her memories, she remembers what her name is and is sure that she holds a grudge against Yuichi from the past when he visited the city back when he was younger. Makoto's amnesia, or memory loss, is much more severe than Yuichi's or Ayu's, but from an entirely different source. She feels sad that pets sometimes are abandoned when their owners cannot take care of them. Due to this attitude, it takes her a while to warm up to a stray cat she finds halfway through her story, which Yuichi names Piro. Makoto is shown to love Piro very much and often carries the cat around on her head.

Makoto can be clueless about things that people her age should know, such as the fact that she can buy her own pork buns and manga; Yuichi had commented once how she lacked common sense due to a lack of social experience. Like Ayu, she too has an idiosyncratic expression, , "Aū" (あう?)which she says when she is frustrated or sad; likewise, it has no real meaning. Near the end of her story, Makoto starts to wear two bells around her right wrist and enjoys the sound they make. As her arc progresses, Yuichi discovers that Makoto is actually the human form of a fox he had secretly cared for seven years ago. As time goes on, Makoto's behaviors begin to resemble her fox like form, eventually to the point she cannot say anything save "auu".

Trivia Edit

  • Makoto was named after a girl Yuichi had a crush on when he was young, and her first name (真琴 - Makoto) roughly means "True Koto" (Koto is a Japanese musical instrument).
  • She resembles Asuka Soryu Langley from Evangelion.


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