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...I'm a demon hunter.
— Mai
Mai Kawasumi




Kanji 川澄 舞
Rōmaji Kawasumi Mai
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Yukari Tamura
English language Melissa Davis
Flag of South Korea Ji Yeong Lee
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday January 29 (Aquarius)[1]
Height 167 cm (5' 6")[1]
Weight 49 kg (108 lbs)[1]
Three Sizes B89/W58/H86[1]
Blood Type O[1]
Relatives Mai's mother (mother)


Mai Kawasumi (川澄 舞 Kawasumi Mai?) is a third-year high school student with mysterious powers to bring things back to life and to heal injuries. These powers scare people away, so it prevents her from making friends. When she met Yuichi, he wasn't scared of her powers and they played together.

Mai's theme is Shōjo no Ori (" Girls' Prison").


Mai has a light complexion, deep green eyes, and is usually seen wearing her school uniform. She has long dark blue hair, with her fringe coming down to her eyes. She has the sides of her hair hanging down to her waist and the back tied into a long ponytail with a long blue bow. She is usually seen carrying her sword, because she feels weak without it.

When Mai was younger, she was short, so Yuichi gave her pink bunny ears. During the series itself, however, she is statistically the tallest, and the largest female character in the series. Her physical size is most likely due to her sword work and muscle build.


Mai is shown to be mostly shy and silent. For the majority of the series, she only talks to her best friend, Sayuri.

Mai is also shown to be a constant eater, although she never gains weight. She is also shown to be very bad at the game Shiritori.

She is very caring when it comes to her mother, Sayuri, and Yuichi. This is touched on during the flashbacks in which her mother was sick in the hospital, and Mai cried and stayed by her side, before curing her with her ability.


  • Her name (舞 - Mai) means "Dance". In the Kanon franchise, she "dances" with her sword.
  • Melissa Davis, who voices Mai, also voices Shiina from Angel Beats!. They are both skilled in combat and very quiet.
  • In the Visual Novel, out of all girls in the cast, Mai is the only one who did not meet Akiko directly.
  • Mai is the tallest of the main female characters.