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...I'm a demon hunter.
— Mai
Mai Kawasumi



Mai Kawasumi profile

Kanji 川澄 舞
Rōmaji Kawasumi Mai
Voice Actor Flag of Japan Yukari Tamura
English language Melissa Davis
Flag of South Korea Ji Yeong Lee
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday January 29[1]
Height 167 cm[1]
Weight 49 kg[1]
Three Sizes B89/W58/H86[1]
Blood Type O[1]
Relatives Mai's mother (mother)

  Mai Kawasumi (川澄 舞 Kawasumi Mai?) is a third-year high school student with mysterious powers. These powers scare people away, so it prevents her from making friends. When she met Yuichi, he wasn't scared of her powers and they played together when he was 10 and she was 11.

7 years pass, and when they meet up again, Yuichi doesn't remember Mai right away, but he seems to be curious about Mai.

She has powers to bring things back to life and to heal injuries. She once used her powers to cure her mother, who had died just then in the hospital. However, she's suppressed these powers in the main story, only regaining them at the end of her route or arc.

Mai's theme is "Shojo no Ori" (means "The Young Girl's Prison").



Mai as she appears in the visual novel.

Mai kawasumi

Mai has a light complexion, has deep green eyes, and is usually seen wearing her school uniform. She has long black/blue hair, with her fringe coming down to her eyes. She has the sides of her hair hanging down to her waist and has the back tied into a long ponytail with a long blue bow. She is usually seen carrying her European-style sword because she feels weak without it.

When Mai was younger, she was short, so Yuichi gave her pink bunny ears. During the series however, she is statistically the tallest, and the largest female character in the series. Her physical size is most likely due to her sword work and muscle build.



Mai during dance festival

Mai is shy, mostly silent and only talks to her best friend Sayuri Kurata. Mai is shown to be a constant eater although she never gains weight. Mai also is not very good at the game Shiritori (Which is a Japanese game. The person who says a word ending with an N loses). In the Japanese original, Mai ends animal words often with "On" While in the English dub she ends words with "tion".

Mai is also a skilled swordswoman. She uses the sword to fend off "demons" that attack the school at night. It is later revealed the demons were really her powers.

She is very caring when it comes to her mother, Sayuri, and Yuichi. Her mother was once sick in the hospital. She cried and stayed near her and cured her with her powers. She once made a little zoo which was full with snow bunnies.


Mai vet

Mai talks of becoming a Vet

She wishes to become a veterinarian. Her favorite animal is a bunny.


It is mentioned at the end of the series that Mai is planning to become a Vet. It seemed clear since she also is an animal lover and often feeds a stray dog in town.

History Edit

For more details on Mai's history, see History.

Relationship Edit

For more details on Mai's relationship, see Relationship.


  • Her name (舞 - Mai) means "Dance". In the Kanon franchise, she "dances" with her sword.
  • Mai's astrological sign is Aquarius.
  • Melissa Davis, who voices Mai, also voices Shiina from Angel Beats!. They are both skilled in combat and very quiet.
  • In the Visual Novel, out of all girls in the cast, Mai is the only one who did not meet Akiko directly.


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